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March 2021

Paz Musical Notes

​Hello Students, Parents, and friends of Paz Music.  See below for this month's Paz Musical Notes and important info.  

Paz Music Center is now Paz Music Academy of Kearny

  • You may have noticed our recent Name update across Social Media.  We are proud to announce that Paz Music Center is now Paz Music Academy of Kearny.  This small yet important shift to focus on lessons, better represents who we are and allows us to focus more on the art of teaching music to our students. 

Please Pardon Our Appearance During Renovations

  • As you’ve probably seen, we started a small renovation project on our first floor.  We are adding our 8th lesson room!  This is a much larger room that will enable us to have group lessons, group ensembles, and plenty of extra space!  We hope to be finished within the month and can’t wait to show our students how cool the new space will be.

No Music Lessons April 2nd through April 7th

  • Just a friendly reminder of the dates we are closed in April 2021. 

    There are no music lessons on the following dates:

    • Friday, April 2nd

    • Saturday, April 3rd

    • Tuesday, April 6th

    • Wednesday, April 7th


You can always view our calendar online at the following address:

Check back next month for more updates!

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